Better Business Bureau Review of SelectQuote


One great places to find business reviews and reliable information is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB collects the good stuff and the bad and watches how a company responds. As SelectQuote has been around for over 25 years, the BBB has good database on SelectQuote.

The BBB Review of SelectQuote:

So is the BBB a better for reviews and what does the BBB review say about SelectQuote? A search of the Better Business Bureau website at for the phrase “SelectQuote” shows that the company is a BBB Accredited Business. By slecting their head office listings, it shows the important consumer information and ratings. This image from the BBB website list SelectQuote with the highest rating from the BBB, A+

SelectQuote Review Factors

The BBB had a process for the determination of its ratings.  All businesses must comply in order to receive their appropriate ratings. Unlike the review and opinion sites, they are not random or subject to agendas or emotions or random rant’s and raves. In addition, the BBB creates industry benchmarks for comparisons to provide the consumer with good recommendations for the particular industy. The review ratings for SelectQuote is made up of a number of factors:

First, BBB Accreditation – a standard for how long the company has been in business which reflects is commitment to its customer base.

Second, Rating Factors – These include length of time the company has been operating. Most importantly it considers:

  • Government Actions – Are there local, State, or Federal actions against the company.
  • Advertising Reviews – Are there negative reports on SelectQuote advertising practices.
  • Complaint Volume filed for the business of its size.
  • Response to the complaints
  • Resolution to the complaints
  • Sufficient background information on the business

What is notable about SelectQuote is there small amount of complaint reviews (BBB site). Give the volume and size of the company, it’s reasonable to expect a high complaint rate. This low rate speaks to SelectQuote’s commitment to high standards of client service and their rating of A+ by the BBB.

LinkedIn and Life Insurance

If you have a LinkedIn account, a great way to review a company is to check out its LinkedIn page.  For SelectQuote, you can find them on LinkedIn by doing a LinkedIn search for “SelectQuote” or just click the link above.

LinkedIn and SelectQuote

The LinkedIn site for SelectQuote provides a company overview with additional categories of carreers and company insights.  In the overview page, there is a neat feature that shows any of your current connections that may have worked at SelectQuote.  This is a great way to connect with both former and current employee and get first hand reviews on how the company operates from people you know or are closely connected to your network.

In addition, if you are a job seeker, SelectQuote list their current career openings.  As an example, currently on their page, SelectQuote is looking for a search engine marketing professional.  You can also review their past history of job postings.

Although LinkedIn is not a review site, it’s connection to current and former employees and the feature to make recommendations about another person or company make it a another reputable resource for checking out a companies business practices and even adding your own comments too.


Facebook and Life Insurance

The advent of Facebook not only change our personal relations with its “online dimensions.” but also gave business a new and frightening way of interacting with customers  in a way that all could see.  It was frightening because companies were use to controlling the public perception through push media.  With sites like Facebook and blogs, adding a interactive company site meant that the customer now has a say in the public message of the company.  Customer issues and approval would now be transparent.

One of the great assets of Facebook is the “like” feature.  A Facebook user, if they “like” a web-post, webpage or video can vote with the little like button of Facebook.  Although the “like” feature was never ment to be a company review (it genisus was more likely tied to “liking” another person) it now has become a great measure of company satisfaction.

In the life insurance industry, the Facebook site that stands out in this category is SelectQuote.  As of June 2012, it had over 425 “likes.”  For an insurance brokerage company, this is a significant amount of likes.  Most personal Facebook pages don’t have over 400 friends, not to mention “likes.”  If my own Facebook site had over 400 likes, my positive status in the online world would definitely be on the rise.   For a company, like SelectQuote to have attain such a positive status in Facebook is usually a strong indicator of good company to do business with.

Although Facebook is not perceived to be a company review site, the SelectQuote Facebook “like” status is probably one of the best reviews of this company and its customer satisfaction.

What Others Are Saying About SelectQuote

Here are some recent reviews we found on SelectQuote.

Select Quote Online Life Insurance Review

By Jeff Ross

If you are like me, then you think that getting the best price on life insurance could be a hassle.

Well, getting term life insurance has never been easier these days. With the many companies that are fighting to get your business, getting competitive rates is simple.

Select Quote is a great way to get the best Term Life Insurance rates. Select Quote is an independent agency, meaning that they offer coverage from a array of different life insurance companies. This allows a select quote agent to match you with the insurance company that will offer you the best rating….

Selectquote Retirement Plan

By Find The Best (.com)

Selectquote Retirement Plan 401k plan has $9,540,388 net assets end of year, which is far more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The plan has been in effect since 10/1/1996, and is a Single-Employer.

Selectquote Retirement Plan’s 401k plan has 215 active participants , which is moderately more than the average for all Company 401k Plans….

SelectQuote Overall Review of 3.3

By InsuranceUSA

SelectQuote is a name that has helped, hundreds and thousands of individuals, to save money on life term Insurance policy. The money that is spent elsewhere is lot more than that which is spent here. Our agents work round the clock to present you with those companies that shall be providing you with the best quotes of your needs. We have been working since the year 1985, and our agents have been helping thousands of people, to get the best coverage of their life, of the insurance policies…

SelectQuote Reviews to be listed on Technorati

SelectQuote reviews made application today under MV5TQ8WRUMP6 filing number at Technorati. Technorati, a blog syndication site, has extensive reader reach and will assist SelectQuote with reaching a wider audience for comments and reviews.

About SelectQuote Reveiws

SelectQuote reviews is about independent comments, reviews, articles, news and much more on SelectQuote. At SelectQuote Reveiws, you’ll find out what people are saying about SelectQuote, what our partners are saying and what the industries says about our business practices and how we service our customers.

Tell Us Your Life Insurance Story

If you have a story you would like to tell about SelectQuote, please email to:

About SelectQuote

Today, SelectQuote is America’s #1 Term Life sales agency.

SelectQuote focuses on each client’s individual needs in order to find the policy that suits you best.

SelectQuote works with only highly-rated, rock-solid Life Insurance companies, and lobbies on your behalf to keep pricing fair.

Term Versus Permanent Insurance

A common question: Term vs Permanent?

This is most common question asked in life insurance, “What is difference between term and permanent life insurance, and what is best for me?”  Knowing the differences between these two will help you decide which policy is best for you.

The main difference is that permanent life insurance lasts as long as you pay the premiums — or at least until you’re 100.  By comparison, term life has a fix period of time that the policy is in effect.  The differing forms of permanent life insurance include whole life, universal Life, and variable life.

Another distinguishing component of a permanent policy is its cash value. A portion of the premium you pay covers your Insurance and part goes into a cash fund. Term life insurance policy provides coverage for a stated period of time.  The term or time of policy can be typically 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years.

Term life insurance limits the Insurance company’s liability  with the fixed term and no cash value or benefit.  Term life can be issued as either fully underwritten (requires medical exam) or a no exam life insurance.  As a result, term life insurance costs significantly less than permanent.

Today, many financial planners prefer to sell term insurance over permanent. The main reason is that term is significantly more economical and can provide the necessary when people need it. In addition, for some, it make’s insurance affordable for the large amounts of coverage they need to protect their family.

Term can be tailored to just the years you need it. You may have a long-term need—until a new baby finishes medical school. Or a short term need—just a few more years until the kids are on their own. You pay premiums only for the time you need protection.

Most Term policies always include the option for a conversion right to permanent insurance. This option lets you convert your Term policy for a Permanent policy. Term can be a smart play for lower premiums when young, while having the option of converting to permanent Insurance if your health changes.

Great Review Resources for SelectQuote

Here are a few resources that SelectQuote has to help you make better life decisions about buying insurance.

SelectQuote has a varies of insurance options ranging from a wide variety of  life insurance to medicare coverage for seniors.  SelectQuote even has home and auto insurance.   The three sites below are the main business of SelectQuote and you can find great resources for comparitative shopping when budgeting for a rate quote.

Additional review resources for SelectQuote include sites llke Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus.  On each on of these sites, you’ll find valuable information about  insurance products and the various companies behind the products.  Topic covered range from posts about life changes through to the entertaining and informative video’s by Suze! Who say’s life insurance should be boring as Suze makes it fun.

On Facebook – SelectQuoteInsuranceServices – Lots of good comments and post on life insurance

On YouTube – SelectQuote – The most entertaining and informative place to get insurance reviews.  You are going to love Suze!

On Twitter – SelectQuoteIns – Great for quick bits of intimation on what’s happening in the industry now.

On LinkedIn – SelectQuote Insurance Services – Here you’ll find good company information and get to see some of the people involve in providing services from SelectQuote

On Google Plus – Click Here – Lots of post articles on tips educating yourself about the variety of insurance products.

Of course, there are the insurance blogs that SelectQuote has on its own site as well.  It’s worth checking out as there are good articles that speak to life changes and how to protect yourself and your family.



Suze Orman on “Life Insurance”

The following except is from a Suze Orman column in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 23, 2007.

As for other ways to protect yourself and your loved ones against loss, one of the easiest is to make sure you have Life Insurance. Although there are many kinds (such as whole or universal life), the only type you need is Term Insurance, because it’s simple and affordable. Other plans include investing components, but you’d do better to buy the cheaper Term policy and invest on your own. 

As its name implies, a Term policy is one you buy for a set time period tied to a specific need. For example, if you want to provide for a baby until he or she graduates from college, you might buy a 25-year Term policy. If you die within that period, the guardian would receive a payout to support the child. Make sure the policy is guaranteed renewable and that it has a level premium, meaning your annual payments won’t rise for the duration of the policy. 

Use the “rule of 20″ to determine the death benefit. You want the beneficiary to be able to invest the payout and live off the income, so he or she doesn’t have to worry about tapping into the principal. That means the death benefit should be 20 times the annual income you need to replace. If the goal is to replace $50,000 in annual income, you’d want to buy a $1 million policy. 

A 40-year-old woman in good health could get that coverage for about $100 a month. That way, the $1 million payoff could be invested in high-quality municipal bonds – which today pay about 5 percent interest – and generate the needed income. You can shop online for Term Life Insurance at Web sites such as 

Suze Orman is a best-selling author and award-winning broadcaster. She can be contacted through

© Suze Orman, a Trustee of the Suze Orman Revocable Trust. All rights reserved.

SelectQuoe has exclusive videos of Suze Orman offering impartial advice on buying Life Insurance.

Review – Before You Buy Life Insurance

Here are a few good articles on things to know before you buy life insurance.  These tips will help you be a better consumer of life insurance and help you get the best price for the term amount you need.

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Why Life Insurance Quotes Can Be Misleading

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Chances are you’ve gotten conflicting quotes if you’ve shopped several online companies for Term Life Insurance. The varying estimates you receive are usually a result of how many — or how few — questions you answered to get your quotes. … Continue reading →

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