Facebook and Life Insurance

The advent of Facebook not only change our personal relations with its “online dimensions.” but also gave business a new and frightening way of interacting with customers  in a way that all could see.  It was frightening because companies were use to controlling the public perception through push media.  With sites like Facebook and blogs, adding a interactive company site meant that the customer now has a say in the public message of the company.  Customer issues and approval would now be transparent.

One of the great assets of Facebook is the “like” feature.  A Facebook user, if they “like” a web-post, webpage or video can vote with the little like button of Facebook.  Although the “like” feature was never ment to be a company review (it genisus was more likely tied to “liking” another person) it now has become a great measure of company satisfaction.

In the life insurance industry, the Facebook site that stands out in this category is SelectQuote.  As of June 2012, it had over 425 “likes.”  For an insurance brokerage company, this is a significant amount of likes.  Most personal Facebook pages don’t have over 400 friends, not to mention “likes.”  If my own Facebook site had over 400 likes, my positive status in the online world would definitely be on the rise.   For a company, like SelectQuote to have attain such a positive status in Facebook is usually a strong indicator of good company to do business with.

Although Facebook is not perceived to be a company review site, the SelectQuote Facebook “like” status is probably one of the best reviews of this company and its customer satisfaction.

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