LinkedIn and Life Insurance

If you have a LinkedIn account, a great way to review a company is to check out its LinkedIn page.  For SelectQuote, you can find them on LinkedIn by doing a LinkedIn search for “SelectQuote” or just click the link above.

LinkedIn and SelectQuote

The LinkedIn site for SelectQuote provides a company overview with additional categories of carreers and company insights.  In the overview page, there is a neat feature that shows any of your current connections that may have worked at SelectQuote.  This is a great way to connect with both former and current employee and get first hand reviews on how the company operates from people you know or are closely connected to your network.

In addition, if you are a job seeker, SelectQuote list their current career openings.  As an example, currently on their page, SelectQuote is looking for a search engine marketing professional.  You can also review their past history of job postings.

Although LinkedIn is not a review site, it’s connection to current and former employees and the feature to make recommendations about another person or company make it a another reputable resource for checking out a companies business practices and even adding your own comments too.


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